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2017 New high torque ZKYJ180 extruder gearbox

2017-2-16 17:05:11

Changzhou zhongke gearbox manufacturer is a company who is focusing on producing high quality speed reducer Gearbox for plastic single screw extruder machine and twin screw extruder machine.

Our main products are ZLYJ Series gearbox for plastic single screw extruder machine, SZ series conical gearbox for plastic twin screw extruder machine.

Recently, we announced our next new high torque ZKYJ180 gearbox for plastic single screw extruder machine.

The main advantages of this new extruder gearbox are:

1. The output torque is 1.5 times that of zlyj series

2. The gearbox size more smaller

3. The operation noise below 69dB

4. The processing technology are more exquisite

This new type gearbox has improved a not from various aspect, such as appearance, stability, inner raw material etc. We welcome all the customers to choose our high quality gearbox for your plastic single screw extruder.